This Vetmarker® has been designed for farmers with Merino lambs. It can be converted back to a normal Vetmarker® for farmers who have both Merino and Prime Lambs.

There is no spray option when the Vetmarker® is set in the position for Merino lambs but it is supplied with the Vetmarker, so if it is converted to a Prime lamb Vetmarker® the spray option can be used.

See below what some of our customers had to say about the Merino Vetmarker.

Comments from customers
“We have marked the lambs and the vetmarker performed well. l lent it to a neighbour and my brother in law, and we all liked it. It is a bit slower due to the mulser having to dock the tails too.
It is great on the safety side of things as you don't have the legs facing you as you try to needle them.
The leg holding mechanism is a great system as we had very few legs get out of position. The release is great they, land on their back legs and off they go.”
James Walker NSW

“The Merino Vetmarker® is well designed and engineered. Very pleased with the way it works, nice and smooth, fast and efficient operation. The way the lambs are stacked in the chute keeps them calm. Excellent service and support from John and Gillian at Vetmarker.”

Roy Blight SA

"Seeing the Merino Vetmarker® in action was hard to believe as it was so efficient. Purchasing one 

has been one of the best items of farm expenditure I have made for some time as it made marking

so much easier and the Fenemor's provided great advice."

Ken Connley VIC